About Us

Michael J MacDonald Insurance Services of Pleasant Hill, CA is dedicated to applying over 30 years of assisting clients solve there insurance problems and meet their insurance needs.

We use a hands on approach, we listen first and then offer solutions. While price is so important in these tough times, getting value is essential. Having inexpensive insurance that you have no idea what it does, or does not do, is very expensive. Having insurance pays you at the time of loss… that is what we all want. Then to get that at a good and fair price… That’s what we do.

Your insurance needs  will fluctuate as you journey through life. We are here to customize your insurance portfolio to change and adapt with you.

So, how we educate you, inform you, and help you manage your expectations is critical. Most of all, we want to keep you safe and covered. That is how we help you meet your goals and work toward fulfilling your dreams.

In today`s complex world most clients find it difficult to find the time to develop and implement a well-structured  insurance plan. We are committed to understanding your unique needs and resources in order to formulate a prudent insurance strategy.

Our goal is to help you grow and protect your wealth.

We desire to do more than just acquire your business. We desire to earn the privilege of KEEPING your business.

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